5 Scientific Reasons to Start Journaling Today

Did you know there is scientific proof behind the power of journaling? I always thought journaling was a great way to keep memories, but it turns out it is much more than that!

I did a lot of research before I dove in to create these journals, and I was amazed at what I found out when it came to how important journaling could be to your overall health.

So...let's dive right in to the top 5 scientific reasons to start journaling today. 

1. Journaling reduces stress: 

In all of my research one of the number one reasons to journal was that it reduces stress. Whether you journal in the morning to promote mindfulness and plan your day, or at night to unwind and destress, journaling for just 15-20 minutes a few times a week has been scientifically proven to manage and relieve stress. 

The prompts in our journals were specifically chosen to help you take a load off when you sit down to journal.

2. Journaling strengthens your immune system: 

After 2020, I don't think I'll ever take my immune system for granted again. I never realized how much I truly relied on it to protect me. So why not boost our immune system by journaling? I'll be honest I was skeptical about this reason. I wondered how journaling could strengthen our immune systems, but I was pleased to find out the truth behind it. 

According to this article, "Expressive writing can strengthen your immune system and decrease your risk of illness [...] it has been shown to improve liver and lung function and combat certain diseases; it has even been reported to help the wounded heal faster." (Intermountain Healthcare, Kasee Bailey)

I don't know about you, but that was enough to make me want to make journaling more of a habit! I love that it uses the wording "expressive writing". Expressive writing is meant to be you expressing yourself, not merely just recording memories, but expressing yourself honestly and without reservation. And the trade off? Improving your immune function! #worthit

3. Journaling keeps your memory focused and sharp

My grandmother in law (husbands grandma) has been a force of light in my life since I began dating my husband over 8 years ago. She is one of the most kind hearted people I have been blessed to meet. A few years ago she started to show early signs of dementia, and it was heart breaking for all of us. This past summer I was able to go on morning walks with her a couple of times a week. While I did the majority of the talking and she would just nod and smile, I came to really look forward to our morning walks. It is that sweet woman that I picture in my head as I journal. I journal to keep my mind clear and my memory sharp, but I also journal to keep my memory alive for my posterity. 

4. Journaling improves your mood

Journaling has been proven to add more positivity and happiness to your life. Wonder why? My guess would be because when you journal you purge your mind of emotions you may be holding onto, emotions that may be blocking your ability to feel sunshine in your day to day life. And while journaling can't ensure you never have a bad day, its nice to know it has a positive effect on your mood. 

5. Journaling strengthens your emotional functions and overall emotional health

As you start to add journaling into your weekly routine you will be simultaneously creating a habit of journaling, which means the benefits of consistent journaling become long term instead of short term. Journaling allows you to be honest with yourself while gaining perspective about how you are living your life. Journaling helps you bond with yourself and develop self-confidence. Journaling can help you process and work through changes in your life, relationships, and trauma. 

"What's more, journaling unlocks and engages the right-brained creativity which gives you access to full brainpower. Truly, journaling fosters growth." (Intermountain Healthcare, Kasee Bailey)

If you were on the fence about why you should start a journal I hope learning the science behind journaling helps you see its value! There are so many amazing ways to journal, and so many incredible types of journals out there. You can simply start with a blank notebook, or choose to go the prompted journal route. Whichever route you go, you will be improving your health and building lasting habits when you add journaling into your life.

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