A Not Your Average Journal Challenge

This is not your average journal challenge.

This is a journal challenge coupled with inspiration from women who all enthusiastically said "Yes!" when I asked if they would share their expertise on a topic closely tied into each journaling prompt.

Does this sound like you?

You want to get better at journaling, or maybe just start. 

Maybe journaling has always been hard for you. 

Maybe buy the cute journals but after a few entries they sit on a shelf or in a drawer collecting dust.

Wherever you are with journaling, you can start fresh here. 

This challenge is a 15 day email series where each day contains two important parts:

1-Each day contains 1 video with specific takeaways on a topic that can be applied directly into your life

2-Each day will also focus on ONE prompt from the adult J.O.T. Journal, an explanation and importance behind said prompt, and a challenge associated with that prompt as well. 

Think of it as inspiration for your life with a side of journal homework.

You are going to rock this! 

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